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We will be having a Junior/Senior league registration this Saturday from 12pm to 2pm under the Pavilion at Edgewood Little League. Players ages 14 to 16 are eligible to participate. All players will be assigned to a Senior League team for this season. At the completion of the regular season, players age 14 will be eligible but not guaranteed a spot on the Junior League All Star team. Players age 15 and 16 will be eligible for the Senior League All Star team.

If you are considering trying out for the Bristol American Legion program, please register on Saturday to secure a spot. If you make one of the Legion teams, a full refund will be issued.

Players are reminded that while they can participate in both Edgewood Little league and Pony League, they are expected to make the commitment to both teams. (i.e. They will not miss a Pony League game for an Edgewood practice and vice versa.)

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Majors: MW-Red Sox: 5
Majors: E-Yankees: 4

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